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Santa Changes Naughty and Nice Standard to Include Reduction of Carbon Footprint

North Pole Media Alert

Yes, even the big-man himself is thinking green this year, and I guess it really makes sense given the melting of the ice caps and all….I’m sure that must play havoc with north pole operations, its supply chain, materials flow, transport issues…..

Seriously though, the holidays are an excellent time for us all to be thinking green. Whether its business or at home, the same theory applies -- every time we make a purchase we have the opportunity to purchase items that are less green or more green – what they’re made of, how they were made, how they are used, and what happens when they are disposed. And then, of course, there’s the wrappings and the travel and all that energy use from mega-lights and blow-up santas.

Do I sound like the Grinch? No way – going green for the holidays is fun -- remember this greening stuff is fun and smart and practical, and best of all, economical! Green gifts are all of those things – and green gifting is a great opportunity for us all to help spread the green word to our less green friends and relatives! Who wouldn’t want compact fluorescents in their stocking? Or how about that EnergyStar-rated flat-screen from Santa? Gifts made by your kids and loved ones or the shirt made from organic cotton? And yes, toys without lead paint and toxic resins are kind of practical as well! What, you don’t think Green-Seal-rated cleaners are a good gift?

To me, wrinkled paper and beat-up gift bags say that you really care – and I love the quizzical looks that you get when they open their gifts in reused boxes, “Did he really give me a box of crackers?”

Heck, I haven’t even mentioned LED holiday lights. Those are just awesome. Another nice thing about going green -- not having to worry about catching the tree on fire!
So everyone enjoy the holidays – gift those green gifts, enjoy those organic and locally-grown foods, and save all of those bows and bags for next year! Just remember, Santa is watching!
Happy Holidays from Greener Results!

There are tons of great web resources for going green during the holidays – here are couple that we like:

- Annapolis Green’s Holiday Tips.
- Give Green by the California Integrated Waste Management Board.
- Reducing Holiday Waste by the US EPA Office of Solid Waste.
- Use-Less-Stuff Holiday Tips.

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