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The Stimulus is Killing Green Business!

Preposterous!  How could that be?!  Look, don’t get me wrong.  I’m as excited about the funding for green jobs and weatherization and other environmental programs as the next environmental consultant.  But until the melting pot of good ideas at the state and local levels finally proposes a series of programs and the good federal folks finally approve of those myriad of initiatives -- no one is going to spend an extra dime on sustainability services or weatherization or renewable energies!  

Heck, think about it from the homeowner’s perspective – We’ve been hearing about how great and cost-effective solar-powered hot water heaters are – and now we’re ready to buy one.  And if you bought it today, you would get the federal tax credit for it.  But who knows how much your state is getting ready to tack on through its new programs and incentives – and if they go into effect July 1 or later and you purchased it today, you’d be out of luck! 

Well it’s not that simple across the board, but many folks in the business are experiencing this phenomena, this stimulus lull.  On the other side of this sword is the fact that even though we’re not actually “selling” the products and services, it doesn’t mean we’re not busy!  Heck, everyone in the world wants to learn more, get proposals, and be ready for when the stimulus-funded programs and incentives are finally in place.  My friends in the solar business are writing proposals every day, and not selling a lick!  Interest in products and sustainability and greening initiatives is at an all time high…..and we’re all just hoping that the rules of the game will be in place soon….and that all of this green talk is actually leading to and supporting our green jobs!  Let’s hope so!J       

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